a kiss is just a kiss…

Sa dami ng nakita kong naghahalikan kahapon, I’m just wondering kung ilang gallon ng laway (and other bodily fluids) ang nag-migrate.

*Pero alam n’yo bang…

…that kissing is really not that universal and someone must had invented it.

…that the first kiss recorded was in India somewhere 1500BC.

…that the kiss spread westward when Alexander the Great conquered Punjab in 326 BC.

…that only humans and our lascivious primate cousins, the bonobos, engage in a full-fledged, tongue-on-tongue tonsil hockey.

…that only within the last 800 years, with the advent of effective dentistry and the triumph over halitosis, that the lips were freed to become an erogenous zone.

…that kissing was a subconscious return to suckling at the mother’s breast said Sigmund Freud, the famous 19th century psychoanalyst.

…that the lips bear a striking resemblance to the labia, and that women across the world go to great lengths to make their lips look bigger and redder than they usually are to simulate the appearance of sexual arousal (hmmnnn…..).

…that a study found that men who kiss their wives before leaving to work live longer, get into fewer accidents and have a higher income.

happy valentines to you mahal…

Of course I took the opportunity yesterday to show to my wife how much I really love her with more than a smooch…;)

*extracts from The Strait Times (2/15/06)