August 2005

Or maybe just hallucinating…

I was entering the assembly area when that peculiar smell from the past caressed my adenoidal cilias. There was almost an avalanche of memories but somehow the harsh reality that I was still inside the company (when I should be home with my family ) riding out a “storm” dampened the mood. I love to find out where it’s coming from but time is becoming a rare commodity these days.


It was the smell of samalamig, or wisik as we fondly called it during my highschool days in PUP Sta. Mesa. Wisik because they sprayed something into the drink to make it…hmmmn….Para saan nga ba talaga, was it a sweeter or just to add aroma? I better bring this up with our yahoogroup.


Me and my morbid sense of humor….

Dumaan ako sa Bengawan Solo after lunch kanina para bumili ng mangunguyang pang-meryenda. ‘Ngapala p’rekoy, Bengawan Solo (named after a river in Indonesia) is a storechain here in Singapore selling cakes, cookies and kuehs. Parang Goldilocks ang datingan. Bumili ako ng talam ubi, an old favourite kasama ng kueh kosui (kutsinta) getuk ubi (nilupak na kamoteng kahoy), etc.

What really caught my sinful eyes was their durian pukis….

Hmmnn…anong kayang amoy at lasa???