história pinas

There has been an alarming increase in robbery perpetrated by motorcycle-riding thieves in Manila that the newly elected “Dirty Harry” is seriously contemplating banning tandem riders to arrest the trend.



“…i don’t come in peace, but sword”–Matthew 10:34

I’m hoping that the recent assault, beheadings and mutilations of our soldiers should be a wake a call and jolt us from our bottomless forbearance that peacetalk is not just the way to deal with the “renegade brothers” in the south. There is no way you can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken land unless you get rid of these armed groups.

playing God

The “charismatic” new Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio has asked the provincial board to grant him blanket authority to enter into formal agreements and sign contracts and other transactions for the benefit of the province. Like a crusader in some forgotten era, he is trying to bulldoze his way in. I hope that this is just a “teething problem” and he would realize the soonest that having worn the abito doesn’t really make him infallible.

loose lips sink ships

I do believe that the basic proviso of freedom is responsibility that’s why the news of lawmaker pushing for decriminalization of libel makes me want to throw up in disgust. We should be very careful of what we wish for.

No doubt that Commission on Election Chairman Benjamin Abalos, who screwed up big time election after election, should step down. He made matters worst by claiming that it was the “moral degeneration” of Filipinos that was to blame for the tainted electoral system. Washing his hands clean like some Pontius Pilate. He is one of the guys (another one that I can think of–off the cuff–is “loose-lips” justice secretary Raul Gonzalez) that la presidentia should get rid off if she really wants to make true to her promise.

I’m all for it!

Nevertheless, CBCP (Catholic Bishop Council of the Philippines) doesn’t need to echo the call. The ramification leaves a bad aftertaste even for catholics when the church meddles even on secular matters. There is a good reason why the state was separated from the church.

The Taiwanese, who allegedly owns the chemical for producing P5-billion worth of shabu, was apprehended when he came back to his apartment. His apartment was part of a 43-door apartment compound owned by a local general,who takes credit for putting the shackles. Incidentally, the same general was the chief of police who led raid in shabu lab 5 years back that hauled in P1.8-billion worth of drugs and chemicals.

For all I care, the chink can go to hell and be tormented in its deepest bowel (if he is proven guilty, that is) for the lives that he intend to ruin with that mindboggling quantity of amphetamines. Maybe it is just me, but I cannot help but be disturbed by the coincidence. I hope someone has the nose to sniff it out and try to connect the dots. I’m not saying that the general is guilty, but this case should at least warrant due diligence on the part of the authorities. No stones should be left unturned when dealing with drug addiction. It’s an uphill climb and I’m hoping against hope here, I know.

At a glance, politics seems to be the worst of lupang hinirang‘s bane. But personally, I put drug addiction on the top of the list of plagues afflicting us. Crimes most gruesome are committed under the influence of drugs. Individuals and families are ruined by “chasing the dragon” (the act of snorting the fumes using a glass tube when ice is burned on an aluminum foil). Narco-politics finance undeserving and despicable politicians. To underline how serious the magnitude of this problem, there is a high chance that  everyone of us know a user or two and sadly, it maybe someone we know or someone close to our heart.

The House of Representatives, whose contingent in the CA (Commission on Appointment) is being accussed of shaking down appointees for obscene amount of money. So, what’s new? It just give credence to the fact the house is a lucrative place to be.

Naturally the scalawags are fuming with their denials and threatening to investigate the accusation (or more of the accuser). I wonder if they would really do that: washing their filthy underwears in public. Most of them are hunkering down anyway and hoping that the storm will pass quickly and quietly.

Something good has come out of this. How can we expect the country to be run at the optimum like a well-oiled equipment when we are greasing the hands of those who approve the appointments of people who will be at the helm? How can we expect to close the gap between lupang hinirang and at it’s neighbouring countries? Meritocracy at its worst!

No doubt that the accusation will not hold water in the court of law. But obviously the process of appointments is riddled with leaks that needs plugging. The least that they can do is peel the appointment process like an onion and see what can be done be to strenghten and improve it. I’m crossing my fingers that they have the balls, wisdom and conscience to do just that.

and now the end is near,
and so I face the final curtain…

I’m sure most of you are familiar with these lines from Sinatra’s famous yet sometimes “fatal” (people were reportedly shot, knifed or mauled to death just singing this song) ballad. It’s not a fave of mine and won’t be musing on it though.

Erap’s six-year plunder is expected to close today with final argument. The verdict is expected within 60 days. Of course, that’s discounting the lenghty motions and appeals that may follow. Failing to convict the late dictator Marcos and his cronies for crimes they committed, this is a second chance to prove that justice, albeit slow grinding, can be enforced in our country.

Qouting the prosecution…

Estrada’s acquittal would “sound the final death knell for good governance in our country and irreversibly doom our generation to decades of abject poverty caused by the pernicious effects of continuing pervasive corruption”.

Ramos did it with Robin Padilla without much funfare. He did it “clandestinely” but unfortunately, media got wind of it. He was wise enough to keep mum and let the news died a natural death.

Erap did it with Dolphy’s son. He did it in good faith claiming he didn’t realized Dolphy’s son was on the pardon list that he signed. Duh?!

Now it’s La Gloria’s turn. She has commuted the sentence of convicted rapist Jaloslos from life to 16 years. Behold, since he had served the 13, he will be out in 3.

It despicable enough that they are letting the child rapist out, but justifying it as humanitarian?! That he has health problems, and everything went thru the process of paying political debt blah, blah, blah…?!

Why not simply say it’s the president’s prerogative! It may not be ethical but it’s legal. End of the story.

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