Jamis DurangoThere’s nothing feminine with the name Jamis Durango , yet my wife teasingly calls my newly acquired bike just that.

Admittedly, I sneak out of the bed before dawn breaks during weekends just for the sheer pleasure of riding it, but the analogy stops there. “At least, yun lang ang “sinasakyan kong iba,” will be my usual talkback, for which I would expect to receive a sneer, and depending on her mood and proximity, a jocular pinch, elbow or a kick (or a dreaded combination). But sometimes I have a feeling it’s more of a warning if you go by the marks that would be there for at least a couple of days.

Though it set me back by at least S$1k (excluding accessories and gadgets which will cost a few hundreds more and a lot of cooing and wooing to make her part with more conjugal dough), this is far from extravagant. Those into biking can attest that is just a humble entry level bike.

Anyway, she’s just as happy as I am . Certainly not because she thinks the bike is sexy, but I think she’s just glad seeing the sparkle in my eyes every time I’m on the saddle of her “corrival”. 😛


We would had been married on a Sunday instead of a Saturday if not for Constantine’s edict (siguradong mababatukan mo naman ako for citing this). Unfortunately, September 4, 1994 fell on a Sunday, and Sta. Ana church – being a busy church – simply refused to tie us together on that day so we settled on the 3rd instead.

We figured then that it would be commonsensical to get hitched on your birthday since it would be much easier to remember – and economical. But now I know it is more than that. You were born to be my bitter better half. Something that is fated. Something that is written in the stars.

Happy 13th wedding anniversary, mahal ko!

what’s love got to do with it

Today, believe to be an auspicious day in many cultures, many will be digging their graves exchanging bows. Even desperate housewife Eva Longoria and fiance Tony Parker, credited for being instrumental in San Antonio Spurs’ NBA championship crown will take the plunge. Here in Singapore 772 couples–5 couples shy to complete the magic number–are tying the knots on their necks …and probably take the plunge.

Seven is a number revered in most dominant religions. In Judaism, God rested on the seventh day and sanctified it, which is the sabbath day. It was however conveniently switched to a Sunday during Constantine’s time to “appease” sol invinctus . The same context while probably most of us is celebrating Christ’s birth on the December 25 instead of the earlier tradition of January 6. Buddha had his famous 7 steps during his birth. While in Islam and Kabbalah, God and the most exalted angels dwell in the 7th heaven. In modern times, 7th heaven means a state of happiness–a bliss.

Oh well, as they say, marriage is for better or for worst–but not for good. Best wishes and goodluck…you will probably need it…:p

save the cheerleader watch live earth, save the world

One good reason to stay at home and just chill out on your couch is watch Live Earth concert and make the “pito-pito” pledge below…

-to demand that my country join an international treaty within the next 2 years that cuts global warming pollution by 90% in developed countries and by more than half worldwide in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy earth;

-to take personal action to help solve the climate crisis by reducing my own CO2 pollution as much as I can and offsetting the rest to become “carbon neutral;”

-to fight for a moratorium on the construction of any new generating facility that burns coal without the capacity to safely trap and store the CO2;

-to work for a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency of my home, workplace, school, place of worship, and means of transportation;

-to fight for laws and policies that expand the use of renewable energy sources and reduce dependence on oil and coal;

-to plant new trees and to join with others in preserving and protecting forests; and,

-to buy from businesses and support leaders who share my commitment to solving the climate crisis and building a sustainable, just, and prosperous world for the 21st century.

separating the historical kernel from the legendary husk

I thought I’ll be able to get my hands on Karen Armstrong‘s latest book, The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Tradition. Someone beat me into it, obviously, and made me settle with Peter, Paul, & Mary Magdalene by Bart Ehrman.

Tadtadrin man daw ang laman mo at buto ay hindi kayang bayaran ang utang na loob mo sa iyong ina — ayon sa kasabihan. Having seen my mother carried us thru life on her frail shoulder and made tremendous sacrifices, I guess that proverb is an understatement.

I know that it is so unlikely that you may stumble into this but I’m sure you know how much I love you.

Happy 70th birthday Nanay…

The air was humid and the sun was really cursing but I still chose to walk and eat fried kway teow with my wife. I won’t bore you with what a fried kway teow is, but I encourage you to try one once you visit this “little red dot”. But of course not every fried kway teow taste as nice. But definitely this one in Jackson kopitiam really is worth the sweat, literally.

uxorious\uk-SOR-ee-us; ug-ZOR-\, adjective: Excessively fond of or submissive to a wife.

It is batty to suppose that the most uxorious of husbands
will stop his wife’s excessive shopping if an excessive
shopper she has always been.
— Angela Huth, “All you need is love,” [1]Daily Telegraph,

April 24, 1998

Just happen to chance upon this word. Anyway, woman deserves the same love and respect as man. There is no such thing as equal. Husband and wife should complement one another.

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