September 2006

It’s just around the corner…

Announced 3 months ago, “due diligence” is almost over and we will know if the manufacturing arm of our company will be acquired by another company. It’s reallly not that bad in case it materialiazes. It would be a windfall for most of us, really. There’s a high chance that I will be retained, but it’s still is anybody’s guess.


I felt relieved coming out from a nightmarish experience practically unscathed and hopefully wiser. I guess I was lucky being able to pull myself out from that “black hole” that almost suck me in.

I’m sort of feeling forlorn lately due to myriad of factors. I know that I should take a stronger grip of the stirring wheel since my wife is having a hard time with our upcoming baby. I guess we are really part of each other, hermetically conjoined. Parang naglilihi nga rin ako.

Anyway, I’m not sitting on this sinking feeling. I’m trying to shake it off as much as I can. Yesterday night I went for a jog not just to burn calories but really to free up my mind along that 3-km stretch. It did bouyed me up but what really made my day (or night) was seeing those old ladies line dancing to the beat of Britney’s song.