Jamis DurangoThere’s nothing feminine with the name Jamis Durango , yet my wife teasingly calls my newly acquired bike just that.

Admittedly, I sneak out of the bed before dawn breaks during weekends just for the sheer pleasure of riding it, but the analogy stops there. “At least, yun lang ang “sinasakyan kong iba,” will be my usual talkback, for which I would expect to receive a sneer, and depending on her mood and proximity, a jocular pinch, elbow or a kick (or a dreaded combination). But sometimes I have a feeling it’s more of a warning if you go by the marks that would be there for at least a couple of days.

Though it set me back by at least S$1k (excluding accessories and gadgets which will cost a few hundreds more and a lot of cooing and wooing to make her part with more conjugal dough), this is far from extravagant. Those into biking can attest that is just a humble entry level bike.

Anyway, she’s just as happy as I am . Certainly not because she thinks the bike is sexy, but I think she’s just glad seeing the sparkle in my eyes every time I’m on the saddle of her “corrival”. ūüėõ


Finally, I come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be playing the game I come to love so well anymore. It’s not that I lost my touch, in fact I’m still agile and as effective even playing with guys half my age (to save you the trouble, I’m 37). It’s just that my right knee ligaments couldn’t take the high impact that is expected of the game. It’s an old injury–amongst the many– that I chalked up over the years. Dislocated left elbow and clavicle, countless sprains, deformed phalanges, a good number of scars . What else have I missed? Oh yes, add to that a good number of brawls and squabbles that seems to be intrinsic with the game of basketball.

Okay, I made it happen and no one¬† is really to blame but me and for that matter, I should have known it is coming. I t just caught me by surprise and hit me hard when it did.¬† I was the one who requested the cable company to cut off my subscription to sports channel. On top of the additional 2% gst increase,they will be increasing my sports channel subscription by S$10!¬† A meager sum you may say, but for me it’s just obscene and totally revolting given the fact that the increase is for the exclusive rights for some football games that they are paying premium for.¬† I know it’s the world most famous game and not basketball or anything but I don’t dig it and won’t be subsiding those football junkies burning their nights watching.

Coming home late after work because of a couple of detours, I was rushing hoping to catch at least the last set of the Wimbledon match of Ana Ivanovic. She was pitted against unseeded Aravane Resai which she knocked out easily and of course expectedly.¬† She is now headed for the 4th round to face Nadia Petrova. Admittedly (even my wife knows for sure—I think :p),¬† I’m a fan of luscious tennis babes and Ana happens to be one of them.

I don’t know about you but I find it deliriously sexy seeing those gals hitting those balls with feminine grace. I even prefer it (minutely at that though :p) to seeing Sports Illustrated models strutting their stuff in skimpy outfits.

And wowen’s beach volleyball of course. Have you seen Asao Miwa in action yet?

F1 Red Bull team, Australian Mark Webber, will be here for a spin this Saturday to test out the proposed street circuit. He won’t be using an F1 car but rather a Porsche 911 GT3.

Singapore is hoping to be part of the F1 calendar next year. If this happens, it will be a night race–a first for F1, btw. I’m not really an F1 aficionado but I doubt it will stay that way once F1 cars hurtle to this city state.

I felt relieved coming out from a nightmarish experience practically unscathed and hopefully wiser. I guess I was lucky being able to pull myself out from that “black hole” that almost suck me in.

I’m sort of feeling forlorn lately due to myriad of factors. I know that I should take a stronger grip of the stirring wheel since my wife is having a hard time with our upcoming baby. I guess we are really part of each other, hermetically conjoined. Parang naglilihi nga rin ako.

Anyway, I’m not sitting on this sinking feeling. I’m trying to shake it off as much as I can. Yesterday night I went for a jog not just to burn calories but really to free up my mind along that 3-km stretch. It did bouyed me up but what really made my day (or night) was seeing those old ladies line dancing to the beat of Britney’s song.

Hockey Pokey Arthur

My eldest son’s school hockey team, which was haphazardly formed and trained less than a month ago, competed in the “Under 12” league today. Surprisingly, despite being ill-prepared, they managed to reach the quarterfinal before the more-experienced school quashed them.

Sallie, Arthur, Alex and Abby
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It was one of those long week that by Friday, I felt miserable and totally exhausted, mind and body. I was thinking of having a couple of beers or a shot or two of tequila and probably drift away to slumberland watching anything in the tube. But all that changed when Sallie confirmed that they will go for a dip. I know the danger associated with water and a couple of minutes even in wading pool could mean life and death for kids, so I just dragged myself along.

The water was therapeutic that after a few laps, I fet lighter and relaxed. I should be doing more of this, I suppose.

We decided to settle for wanton noodle for dinner near the interchange. After much pestering from my eldest, I gave in and we all watched X-men 3. We did watch 1 and 2, so it’s just natural that we watch the last stand together. The last scene showing Magneto, now human because of the antidote that ‘cured’ his mutation, attempting to move chess piece made of metal makes me feel that the title maybe a misnomer. I’m smelling a sequel.