Jamis DurangoThere’s nothing feminine with the name Jamis Durango , yet my wife teasingly calls my newly acquired bike just that.

Admittedly, I sneak out of the bed before dawn breaks during weekends just for the sheer pleasure of riding it, but the analogy stops there. “At least, yun lang ang “sinasakyan kong iba,” will be my usual talkback, for which I would expect to receive a sneer, and depending on her mood and proximity, a jocular pinch, elbow or a kick (or a dreaded combination). But sometimes I have a feeling it’s more of a warning if you go by the marks that would be there for at least a couple of days.

Though it set me back by at least S$1k (excluding accessories and gadgets which will cost a few hundreds more and a lot of cooing and wooing to make her part with more conjugal dough), this is far from extravagant. Those into biking can attest that is just a humble entry level bike.

Anyway, she’s just as happy as I am . Certainly not because she thinks the bike is sexy, but I think she’s just glad seeing the sparkle in my eyes every time I’m on the saddle of her “corrival”. 😛


lovely filipinas

Yesterday was racial harmony day and as part of the celebration, students were encouraged to don their traditional attire. Abby, a kikay naturel, was all elated just to do that. My two boys found an excuse and begged me to beef up their stipend for that day to try out traditional delicacies which is also very much a part of the celebration. Singapore is a melting pot and it’s relatively miniscule size gives it more reason to bthe boy from atlantise vigilant.

That night, we, minus Arthur who’s too busy “surfing” at home, just frolic in the pool while waiting for Alex to finish his swimming lesson.


I ripped the ireply badge from Wifely Steps and posted it on my sidebar to assure you that come hell or high water, i’ll be replying to your comment…I don’t really get a lot, anyway. :p

It really needs some scratching.

Although I’m planning to really spruce up the aquarium, I know it would have to wait ’till we come back from our Christmas holiday in Pinas. It would be dreadful coming back from the holidays and see my aquatic “kids” floating belly up that even with commercially available “holiday feeds” and the promise from a friend to once in while drop by to take a look won’t appease me.

It would be prudent to be patient but still I relented to Sallie’s constant bickering and bought six real rosy barbs (those that I initially acquired are actually platies) and a pair of dwarf gouramies. The live plants really would have to wait though.

Lo and behold, such a sight to see! The shoals of tigers and rosy’s were not swimming, they were dancing. Their fins seemed orchestrated by some music beyond human ear cognizance. It’s mesmerizing watching them. No wonder many are hooked. Even when they started chasing each other to claim territorial rights was very entertaining which made the kids burst with laughter. The gouramies maybe a little bit composed. The male, which is more colourful in orange stripes, hid in one of the artifical reefs while the silvery (with some metallic blue hue) female leisurely swam near the surface.

I’ve seen some really good aquarium set up here which I shared with my wife and the kids. It’s all in the family now and there would be no turning back.

We really had been thinking of getting an aquarium. But with our neighbour giving us theirs, absolutely free, that became a reality. They can’t keep up with the maintenance, so they say. At any rate, I’m very thankful indeed. I know that the Jebo aquarium is about a grand and if you consider all the accessories (filter, ornaments, aeration), that would really amount to something.

For the uniniatiated like me, setting up an equarium may seem straight-forward: pour the water in and let the fishes swim their hearts out. It’s a good thing Abraham (a friend of mine who is crazy about aquarium) help me set it up, which took us a whole Saturday and considerable amount of beer. He knows that a crash-course wouldn’t suffice so he lend me encyclopedias on aquarium fishes and maintenance as well.

To test out the water quality after a week, a bought a shoal of rose barbs and a couple of tiger barbs. I wouldn’t have bought the latter if I knew that they are quite aggressive. They are fin nibblers and chivy other inhabitants, specially those with long colorful fins. But I fret not. The way to distract those tigers from their uncalled for behaviour is to keep them in shoal… so I purchased more.

If your eyes happen to stray on my humble sidebar from time to time, you may have noticed that I’m starting to read Murder in the Name of God: The Plot to Kill Yitzhak Rabin. I don’t intend to bore you even with synopsis, though I’m expecting this to be a good one.

Reading is a habit I immerse myself only recently. I’m fully aware of the beauty of reading long before. It’s just that neither I had the money nor the creativity and patience to acquire books when I was much younger. Besides, I busied myself doing despicable things (which I may or may not blog at all). Believe me, the ghetto I grew up had so much activities it would make you feel that reading is a waste of time. In retrospect, I know I should had known better.

I have to admit that public libraries here in Singapore are first-rate, at least compared to my beloved abode. Affluence bliss! For a one-time fee of S$10, I can borrow– for the whole of my earthly existence– 4 books or magazines for 3 weeks in any of their state-of-the-art libraries strategically located on the island republic. Borrowing and returning books are practically hassle-free without the assistance of the librarian.

I know for a fact that most bloggers are prolific readers. I would be grateful if you could recommend some good reads.

Pauwi kami galing sa jogging ni esmi habang nakikinig ako sa bagong utang bili kong iPod mini. Pinakikingan ko ang isa sa mga kanta ng Parokya ni Edgar sa album nilang Bigotilyo.

Syempre pa, ako’y nadala at di napigilang sabayan ang kanta:

Parang ayoko na yata…
Nakakapagod din pala ang iyong mukha…
At kung may balak ka pang ulitin yon…
May ibubulong ako sayo…
putang ina mo!

Parang naasar s’ya, bakit kaya?

Guess what?!…may sarili na rin akong weblog..=) So you may ask, what do you mean by “singkongpipe”? It means “nothing of value”…that’s right, u may not get anything from my writings. Just a pathetic view of a frustrated writer. Pero sabi nga sa Journalism class namin nung elementary pa ako eh…”you write to express and not to impress”…