February 2005

Napuno na ang salop…lintek na Internet Explorer yan! Ewan ko ba, dati naman akong gumagamit ng Firefox bakit ba parang nabuwang ako na bumalik sa IE! Looking forward, balik Firefox ako at syempre pa sa tulong ng blog ng Batjay, kinalikot ko s’ya.

I swear kumapal ang buhok ko bumilis ang browser ko!


If your eyes happen to stray on my humble sidebar from time to time, you may have noticed that I’m starting to read Murder in the Name of God: The Plot to Kill Yitzhak Rabin. I don’t intend to bore you even with synopsis, though I’m expecting this to be a good one.

Reading is a habit I immerse myself only recently. I’m fully aware of the beauty of reading long before. It’s just that neither I had the money nor the creativity and patience to acquire books when I was much younger. Besides, I busied myself doing despicable things (which I may or may not blog at all). Believe me, the ghetto I grew up had so much activities it would make you feel that reading is a waste of time. In retrospect, I know I should had known better.

I have to admit that public libraries here in Singapore are first-rate, at least compared to my beloved abode. Affluence bliss! For a one-time fee of S$10, I can borrow– for the whole of my earthly existence– 4 books or magazines for 3 weeks in any of their state-of-the-art libraries strategically located on the island republic. Borrowing and returning books are practically hassle-free without the assistance of the librarian.

I know for a fact that most bloggers are prolific readers. I would be grateful if you could recommend some good reads.

Recent terrorist bombings revived the need for the national ID system which Lacson (a fan of the “Father of Singapore”, Lee Kuan Yew) said has been on the backburner since 2001. I hope our idiots lawmakers are jolted enough to make this happen.

It is true that you have to trade in a bit of your privacy and freedom if you want security. I guess the choice now is quite obvious. Except of course for left leaning groups, like Bayan Muna, who blabber against about anything and everything and yet always come short of realistic alternatives. Political opposition is beginning to be as annoyingly absurd as them. See Rez Cortez and Nino Muhlach lately on their midst? That how absurd they have become!

Don’t misconstrued me as a fan of GMA either! She’s despicable as well!!! It’s just that the opposition is pathetically worse than her. Before I digress to much…

Nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

Basically, this ID will keep track of each and everyone (here in Singapore you are required to update your place of abode which is reflected on the IC) and legitimize existence. The logic is simple: you want big brother to protect you, let him know you exist.

This ID system can in fact simplify everything. Like here in Singapore, the IC (identification certificate or for us, ID) is the only requirement when dealing with about anything, including motel check-in. I discovered this few months back, with my wife in tow. Don’t expect me to do a Freudian…hehehe!

Those who swear by true democracy is claiming that the ID system can be abused (as if without it you are not vulnerable). Maybe, but then again, once you weigh the pros and cons, the former will surely stand out. The system can be fine tuned to minimize the cons, anyway.

At the first glance of my IC number for my PR (permanent residency), I can’t help but smile with the simplicity and ease of it. It was easily etched on my memory and I just love this number:


Talk about rhyme and reason…;)


“Release Misuari!”

This came from no less than Congressman Imee Marcos (just typing her name gives me that loathful shiver) and tough guy Davao Mayor Duterte.

Imee is saying that the rickety snail-paced wheel of justice precipitated the attack and it’s best to release Nur. This would stroke terrorist’s ruffled feathers and thus, will halt them from doing their evil acts. This is the same wheel that worked pretty well for them (the Marcoses). I’m wondering, why is she disenchanted with it now? There are two words that I can best describe long gone Ferdie, intelligent and greedy. Apparently, mademoiselle only inherited the latter.

I was aghast hearing it though from Duterte, the fearless unwavering mayor of Davao. Criminals, specially those minors and petty ones that were scythed out of the face the earth summarily, shudder just hearing his name. His tough stance made Davao one of the “most peaceful” place in Pinas. Cowed, huh?!

This mindanao insurgency (I refuse to name it us Muslim insurgency, lest, I will be qualifying that this is about Muslim-Christian rift, which it is not) is perennial and it’s about time we put an end to it. These bandits are criminals that should surrender or be obliterated;justice at all cost. Peace and prosperity in the south, and the country as a whole, can never be achieved as long there are self-styled armed groups.

It would be a blunder to call for a ceasefire at this juncture, unless the military is stupid enough not to know that ceasefires are only used as smokescreen to regroup and rearm. With these developments, the military is on higher moral ground and shouldn’t waste the opportunity and momentum.

However, there are few things that the government should do for this “crusade” (maybe this word is distasteful as it also denotes the shameful medieval Christian war to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims).

Firstly, there should be media blackout. There’s no doubt it would be messy. You don’t want the carnage on both sides to be aired prime time and stir emotions high. Misguided groups from every quarters would surely be on the streets blurting how inhumane this military campaign is. Then of course, those good-for-nothing assholes politicians will ride with the issue and try to gain cookie points with rhetorics and grandstanding. We don’t want politics, a malady by itself, to lick this issue. How I wish that they bring their rotten ass in Patikul and reason out with those barbarics. Secondly: Uncle Sam will surely be more than willing to “lend a hand” one way or another, to their best interest of course, and as always. Maybe their hands are already on the cookie jar, who knows. GMA should exploit it, discreetly though, and ask for support. We need all the help that we can get. But we can’t allow their soldiers to be on the frontline, lest, we stir nationalistic sentiments. Thirdly: GMA was prudent enough when she announced that the war is waged only on Abu Sayyaf and MNLF-Nur Misuari wing and not on MILF and MNLF. For the time being that’s well and fine; divide and conquer. But eventually, these groups should also be disarmed, the very least, to genuinely and effectively manuever the peace process. As long as they are armed, there can be no guarantee. Fourthly: Make do without foreign Muslim intervention, specially Malaysia. This country is all the while playing cloak-and-dagger with us and purportedly feeding the insurgency in the south to divert us from claiming Sabah. Darn! If they are really that concerned with their “brothers”, why not just take them all in?!

We’d tried solving this age-old malady sitting down without an end in sight. If we want a lasting peace we should be willing to pay the price. If shedding blood is imminent and obligatory, so be it.

I was “relieving” myself when wife messaged me:

kol k haus away ung 2 computer!

It was my two boys “fighting” over the computer. I of course obliged and sort things out–a duty naturally assigned to me.

Lahat ng pwedeng pag-awayan eh pinag-awayan na yata!

Even with the 4-year gap, it is apparent that Arthur and Alex is “fighting” for dominance. Arthur being the eldest at 10 usually have the upper hand. Using his wits and built, figuratively and literally, he can bulldozed his way around. Time and again, I reminded him to be the one to give in since he is the eldest, though not in the presence of his siblings who may use it as a leverage. Alex is no push over either. At 6 and still very much a “baby”, you expect him to give utmost resistance.

Most of the time, I let them have their arguments and, though very unlikely, settle the dispute among themselves as long as it is within tolerable decibel and no violence is employed.

Since Abby, my sweet little angel of 2, is beginning to tenaciously encroach on their “territories”, I’m bracing myself for more of this…

Whenever I refer to our years of togetherness, I don’t usually count from our wedding day. I take stock from the year of our amorous teenage bliss, it’s been sixteen years since. That’s close to half of my mundane existence and practically, my whole adult life.


Though there are fleeting moments when I think of what-could-have-been’ s or the ones-that-got-away (I’ll be a hypocrite not to say this), I can’t imagine living my life without you and the kids…specially YOU. Darn, you worked really well in making sure I’m dependent on you in quite a number of ways! As if I’ll die just being away from you.

At any rate, I’m grateful, feel blessed and indebted.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!!


Just put your trust in me and not rely so much in your insecurities female intuition. One more thing: put the kids to bed early tonight, will you?…;)

Pauwi kami galing sa jogging ni esmi habang nakikinig ako sa bagong utang bili kong iPod mini. Pinakikingan ko ang isa sa mga kanta ng Parokya ni Edgar sa album nilang Bigotilyo.

Syempre pa, ako’y nadala at di napigilang sabayan ang kanta:

Parang ayoko na yata…
Nakakapagod din pala ang iyong mukha…
At kung may balak ka pang ulitin yon…
May ibubulong ako sayo…
putang ina mo!

Parang naasar s’ya, bakit kaya?

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