July 2006

Arthur’s Bike
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Look at the bike at the right and guess what’s amiss.

If I was upset seeing the bike’s seat missing (which was definitely stolen), Alex was teary-eyed. Today, like most Saturdays, is the day he goes biking.

Alex , my second son, is very much unlike my eldest. He is not a risk-taker, comfortable in his own element but afraid trying something new. It takes a lot of prodding before I really convinced him to try cycling and he’s beginning to really enjoy.

We’ve been here in Sg for a decade and this is the second time that I lost something to a thief, both were petty items though. The first was my Nike beach slip-ons that I left outside the house few years back.


I sort of cut and pasted the news below from a popular tabloid. All the while I thought that political parties in Pinas are the worst there is, but this is really sickening. I have some “nasty wishes” for these perverts which I would rather keep to myself.

The Hauge – A judge here has ruled that a political party with a paedophile
agenda has the right to exist.

Opponents of the Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity Party (PNVD) which was formed by three paedophiles in May, had sought a ban on the party, arguing that Dutch children had the right not to be confronted with the party’s platform.

The PNVD is seeking to lower the age of sexual consent from 16 to 12 and to legalise child pornography and sex with animals. It wants paedophilea to be freely discussed, arguing that a ban just makes children curios.

Noting that the party had not commiteed a crime, Judge HFM Hofhuis
ruled:”Freedom of expression…including the freedom to set up a political party
can be seen as the basis for a democratic society. It is the right of the voter
to judge the appeal of the political parties.”–AP

Korea test fired spooking everyone, although it proved be a farce. India’s very own, which has the blessings of it’s neighbouring Pakistan, has been confirmed to reach even the remote provinces of China. But naturally, India was quick to say that it’s not meant for the emerging dragon. US has yet to clean up it’s mess in Iraq while Iran is toying with its nuclear capability.

To spice it up, Israel arrogantly “revisited” Lebanon. They should have to watch out though. The road to Damascus can be the road to an all-out-war… where all would be losers.