famiglia y amigo

We would had been married on a Sunday instead of a Saturday if not for Constantine’s edict (siguradong mababatukan mo naman ako for citing this). Unfortunately, September 4, 1994 fell on a Sunday, and Sta. Ana church – being a busy church – simply refused to tie us together on that day so we settled on the 3rd instead.

We figured then that it would be commonsensical to get hitched on your birthday since it would be much easier to remember – and economical. But now I know it is more than that. You were born to be my bitter better half. Something that is fated. Something that is written in the stars.


birthday card from alex…you’ll end up always buying one, specially if you have kids like mine.

This birthday card that Alex and Abby collaborated on, however, more than compensate for that–plus those times that they drove me real nuts.

Whitney Houston got that right with her rendition of the Greatest Love of All: about loving oneself, blah, blah, blah. Most are aware of course that she didn’t really walk the talk, or more aptly, walk the song.

But before I really digress, let me say there’s a good wisdom to that. I’m not talking about loving oneself in a puritanical narcistic way, but simply making yourself a better person for the sake of your loveones. That would include forgiving your own blunders and learning from it.

For me it’s the best birthday gift that one can give to himself or herself. Of course sashimis washed down with a good sake would a be welcome treat.

We have yet to decide which Japanese resto.

…1 in 5 primary school kids get bullied here in Singapore.

I’m quite persuaded that you will arrive roughly at that figure in any part of the world. Of course those cases where the receiving party gets really tormented, preventing them from leading a normal life and tarnished for life by the experience is very much lower — like the case of Ben Cox who was compensated by the Australian court for being bullied 12 years ago. But still, we have to agree that is still a source of concern.

In retrospect, I don’t remember being bullied. Sprouting from a ghetto-like place in Manila, I wasn’t easily get intimidated by slur or threat of violence then. Boys were expected to slug it out for any imaginable misunderstanding. It’s pretty normal as long no one gets really badly hurt and most of time one gets a congratulatory back-slap. Sometimes from their very own patriarch. It’s no big deal going home with a “blackeye” or bruises here and there.

Times has changed.

Like most of the evils of these real world, bullying is here to stay and there’s no way we can keep the world sterile for our kids. You may not agree with me but I think a healthy dose is necessary, and even unavoidable at that. It’s like how immunization works. You introduce a manageable amount of disease to help the person to better overcome it later on in life.

The important thing is to be vigilant and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. Resources on how to deal with bullies are abound in the web. As parent, one is duty-bound to know how to deal with this menace.

lovely filipinas

Yesterday was racial harmony day and as part of the celebration, students were encouraged to don their traditional attire. Abby, a kikay naturel, was all elated just to do that. My two boys found an excuse and begged me to beef up their stipend for that day to try out traditional delicacies which is also very much a part of the celebration. Singapore is a melting pot and it’s relatively miniscule size gives it more reason to bthe boy from atlantise vigilant.

That night, we, minus Arthur who’s too busy “surfing” at home, just frolic in the pool while waiting for Alex to finish his swimming lesson.


I ripped the ireply badge from Wifely Steps and posted it on my sidebar to assure you that come hell or high water, i’ll be replying to your comment…I don’t really get a lot, anyway. :p

My second son who is in primary 3 played truant the other day. He skipped his pottery class (one of his co-curricular activities) to visit the place of his classmate. What was so appalling was that his classmate’s place is nowhere nearby that they had to take a cab to get there! How we came to know? He should had been home by 6pm and since the school was just a stone throw from our flat (apartment), that by seven, we were a bit worried that I sent my eldest son to school to look for him. Of course he didn’t find him there. We were at our wit’s end and close to being ballistic when he came home as meekly as he can possibly be in an hour or so.

Alex is naturally adept academically that despite his so called “mischiefs”, he is at the crème de la crème class and managed to float in and out of the top 10. Not bad indeed, but obviously he has to exert effort to realize his full potentials. Even his teacher, during those meet-the-parent sessions, would say so. He is just so playful that he tends to neglect some of his school work, risk being reprimanded and even skipped meals just to get his fix.

This is just a passing stage, I know. A challenge not just for him but more for me. I should be more sensible, creative and mostly patient in dealing with him and not to feel out of control which feeds anger and disappointment. I’m working on it.

He reminds me of my childhood. And by then standards, he’s pretty tame. Sabi nga ni misis, “kanino pa ba magmamana?!”

It takes one to tame one.

go, abby, go!

Abby on her very first sportsfest– a milestone in my little girl’s life that I wouldn’t miss for the world.

I was really hesitant at first to buy Akon‘s album — despite the fact that the price seems reasonably low, that my kids were egging me for it and I have heard some of the songs already and quite like it, and somehow I myself was tempted to buy it and rip the content to my mp3 player.

It was the “SINGAPORE SPECIAL EDITION” label that put a chill on my impulse. Reputedly a nanny state, it is expected to trim most of the expletives which would surely affect the music’s artistic beauty. The store staff told me that this is not the case this time around. My fear was not really that unfounded and he himself was totally disgusted with what they did with Eminem’s album before. To prove his case that this place has come of age, he insisted that I take my time listen to the (whole) album first. I know that wouldn’t be necessary. I just picked the song Smack That which featured Eminem and that solidified my resolve to part with my money.

As a parent, of course I wish I could keep this world sterile and do away with all “parental advisory” stuffs. But I know it is next to impossible and would even be detrimental with my kids development and maturity. The best that I can do is walk through life with them, which in this case, immersed to their music, and hopefully help them distinguished what’s good and evil and apply them to real world.

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