Since I didn’t blog about Pinas independence day, I was thinking that it would be distastefully unpatriotic of me doing so for my patron country of 11 years. But then again, we ourselves cannot acquiesce whether it’s June 12 or July 4, which gives me a rather lame excuse to do so.

Singapore’s 42nd national day was last Thursday. Not that I’m dilly-dallying with the greetings. It’s just that I was just pretty occupied on that day binge drinking with a Singaporean friend. The guy is perfectly a snug fit to Pinoy culture. Our drinking culture, that is: drinking to really get drunk!

Yesterday I was in servile with the company whom I expect to toss me out like a worn out rag in less than a year.

Before I really get off-tangent…

We flew here one year, or so, after our marriage and practically raised the family in this “little red dot, one degree north of the equator”. The years  would be a dead give-away that we somehow come to like place. It’s a place we feel we can a give good headstart for our kids so uprooting back to pinas, or to any country for that matter, anytime soon is not on the radar screen.

I guess this is second home to us despite my not-so-many animosities to certain facets of life. Like you have to have a TV and radio (for cars) license, where the suicide per capita is one of the highest, where locals normally don’t brush their teeth after lunch making meetings in the afternoon a dreaded affair, where the length of the skirts is kept to the minimum leaving little to the imagination, where visible cleavage is redefined as the crack not of the bosom but of the posterior.

On the second thought, I’m taking back the last two.


My tax assessment came out which made me grin from ear to ear. It’s just 1.5% of my gross, yipeee! Guess which is the contributing factor.

1. I’m receiving just a pittance for my lousy engineering job

2. My reliefs/deductions are aplenty

3. Sg has a low tax rate

4. all of the above

I promised Abby to fetch her after school with the bike but since it was drizzling, we just traipsed home. Like any child of her age –and to my irritation, initially — she kept stumping on puddles along the way. But I let her be. I ended up joining her childish prank, and gleefully at that. I hope moments like this would etched more in her memory and less of my shortcomings.

It seems to be raining everyday which is a welcome relief. Not only that it makes the surroundings cooler, but it could help dash the dengue outbreak that’s becoming a source of concern here specially at the eastern part.

I’m somewhat under the weather so I decided to just stay at home and sulked. Still, what’s looming keeps me worried. Oh well, I’m sure it just a natural stage.

I was so delighted seeing Karen Armstrong‘s The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Tradition that her latest book seems to float from the shelf and begging me to pick it. I just finished reading Peter, Paul, & Mary Magdalene by Bart Ehrman and I guess it would be best for my sanity to alternate fiction with non-fiction. I promised myself to do just that.

I just settled with THE ARRAIGNMENT by Steve Martini, a legal thriller in the league of John Grisham’s.

mydesk Finally the wait is over! Our new company decided to fully outsource its manufacturing. Most of us will be staying put for probably another 8 months, or so, until the outsourcing company has been qualified to take in our products and to make sure the transition is as seamless and transparent as can possibly be, at least for the customer.

It isn’t really that bad anyway. I’m expecting a severance pay of about 10 months (rule of the thumb is about 6-month salary as a good buffer in times like this) which will tide us through while I’m job hunting later on. Singapore economy is in full swing so I expect to find a job within 2 months, worst case — hopefully. That means I have about 8 months salary to squander surrender to my wife for the family kitty.

I have served the company for a good 11 years and I can’t help but feel bummed out somehow. Life goes on anyway. That’s the reality of work. It’s bye, bye once you or your team outlived your purpose. I’ve long known that you should try to be the best that you can be in your job, but never at the expense of your loveones. Because no matter what, your family will always be there. Come hell or high water.

Some 900 heads in our company rolled in the name of restructuring, streamlining and focusing on corporate core competence. We’re still not out of the woods yet and still clueless whether we will be spared from the “guillotine”.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

Barely two months from merger, still getting used to wearing my new badge and yet to receive my new namecard, we are headed to be acquired by another company. Talk about the flat world where merger, acquisition, outsourcing, offshoring, what-have-you is a way of life. Where lifelong employment is, by and large, a thing of the past. One must really learn to adapt, acquire skills and knowledge to be relevant to this everchanging world.

We were told that due diligence would be at lightning speed this time. The result will be known in a month’s time.

Que sera, sera. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything would be for the better. I know it’s best not to worry so much on things you have little or no control at all. Easier said than done.

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