While most countries, including my very own lupang hinirang, are struggling to dilute its dependence on oil, India is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle.

Some 6,000 zero emission air cars are schedule to hit the street in August 2008.

*photo ripped from popularmechanics.com


They came in all shapes and sizes. Mostly male, according to statistics. It was estimated that a record of 178,000 thronged the 2007 Singapore IT Show and gobbled up a whooping S$48M (Php1.4B) of tech toys. I got myself a Sony DSC-W55 after literally inching my way thru the crowd.

Less than a month nang bumili ako ng ipod , nakita ko sa d’yaryong bumagsak pala ang presyo n’ya ng S$140 (4.6k pesos). Alaskado ako habang “ibinibida” ko kay misis ang latest blunder ko. Alam ko naman talagang bababa ang presyo, base na rin sa overall trend ng consumer electronics, but I don’t expect it to be that fast. I should have known better, hmmp!

No regrets frankly. Tingnan mo, kung hihintayin mo talagang bumaba ang presyo bago ka bumili eh talagang hindi ka na bibili. At the time any electronic item reaches the seabed, it will be obselete as a new one will be born. And besides, you will miss all the months that you should have enjoyed that particular techonological item. There are tell-tale signs naman kadalasan kung babagsak ang presyo. You just have to be discerning.

Recently kasi naglabasan ang ibat-ibang MP3 player na kahit sadsad sa lupa ang presyo ay di ma-dethrone and Apple. Siguro na-realize nila na sooner or later na kailangan nilang maging competitive pati sa presyo or else kakainin ang marketshare nila ng ibang industry player lalo na ng Creative, Singapore firm na may gawa ng Zen.

Not that it matters to most of you, but the electronic industry is now depressed. MP3 is one of the applications that somehow keeps it afloat.

This would be the general trend in electronic industry as nanotechnology gains momentum: cheaper, smaller, more reliable and “green”. Semiconductor industry gurus are in chorus that the roadmap will be exciting and open-ended. Definitely, consumers are looking forward to this with arms wide open. As for us in the industry, specially those doing prototypes like me, it would be hairsplitting, nerve-racking, mind-boggling struggle to live up to the challenge.

Napuno na ang salop…lintek na Internet Explorer yan! Ewan ko ba, dati naman akong gumagamit ng Firefox bakit ba parang nabuwang ako na bumalik sa IE! Looking forward, balik Firefox ako at syempre pa sa tulong ng blog ng Batjay, kinalikot ko s’ya.

I swear kumapal ang buhok ko bumilis ang browser ko!