July 2007

…1 in 5 primary school kids get bullied here in Singapore.

I’m quite persuaded that you will arrive roughly at that figure in any part of the world. Of course those cases where the receiving party gets really tormented, preventing them from leading a normal life and tarnished for life by the experience is very much lower — like the case of Ben Cox who was compensated by the Australian court for being bullied 12 years ago. But still, we have to agree that is still a source of concern.

In retrospect, I don’t remember being bullied. Sprouting from a ghetto-like place in Manila, I wasn’t easily get intimidated by slur or threat of violence then. Boys were expected to slug it out for any imaginable misunderstanding. It’s pretty normal as long no one gets really badly hurt and most of time one gets a congratulatory back-slap. Sometimes from their very own patriarch. It’s no big deal going home with a “blackeye” or bruises here and there.

Times has changed.

Like most of the evils of these real world, bullying is here to stay and there’s no way we can keep the world sterile for our kids. You may not agree with me but I think a healthy dose is necessary, and even unavoidable at that. It’s like how immunization works. You introduce a manageable amount of disease to help the person to better overcome it later on in life.

The important thing is to be vigilant and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. Resources on how to deal with bullies are abound in the web. As parent, one is duty-bound to know how to deal with this menace.


This would probably been the closest I’d look like If I’d been lucky enough to be included in Simpsons Movie.

I’m sexually active, quite conscious to what I chow, not a stick for 11 years, and drink moderately. Which makes  me more of a mesomorph dork.

Got this idea when I dropped by kwentong tambay.

My tax assessment came out which made me grin from ear to ear. It’s just 1.5% of my gross, yipeee! Guess which is the contributing factor.

1. I’m receiving just a pittance for my lousy engineering job

2. My reliefs/deductions are aplenty

3. Sg has a low tax rate

4. all of the above

I promised Abby to fetch her after school with the bike but since it was drizzling, we just traipsed home. Like any child of her age –and to my irritation, initially — she kept stumping on puddles along the way. But I let her be. I ended up joining her childish prank, and gleefully at that. I hope moments like this would etched more in her memory and less of my shortcomings.

It seems to be raining everyday which is a welcome relief. Not only that it makes the surroundings cooler, but it could help dash the dengue outbreak that’s becoming a source of concern here specially at the eastern part.

I’m somewhat under the weather so I decided to just stay at home and sulked. Still, what’s looming keeps me worried. Oh well, I’m sure it just a natural stage.

I was so delighted seeing Karen Armstrong‘s The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Tradition that her latest book seems to float from the shelf and begging me to pick it. I just finished reading Peter, Paul, & Mary Magdalene by Bart Ehrman and I guess it would be best for my sanity to alternate fiction with non-fiction. I promised myself to do just that.

I just settled with THE ARRAIGNMENT by Steve Martini, a legal thriller in the league of John Grisham’s.

mydesk Finally the wait is over! Our new company decided to fully outsource its manufacturing. Most of us will be staying put for probably another 8 months, or so, until the outsourcing company has been qualified to take in our products and to make sure the transition is as seamless and transparent as can possibly be, at least for the customer.

It isn’t really that bad anyway. I’m expecting a severance pay of about 10 months (rule of the thumb is about 6-month salary as a good buffer in times like this) which will tide us through while I’m job hunting later on. Singapore economy is in full swing so I expect to find a job within 2 months, worst case — hopefully. That means I have about 8 months salary to squander surrender to my wife for the family kitty.

I have served the company for a good 11 years and I can’t help but feel bummed out somehow. Life goes on anyway. That’s the reality of work. It’s bye, bye once you or your team outlived your purpose. I’ve long known that you should try to be the best that you can be in your job, but never at the expense of your loveones. Because no matter what, your family will always be there. Come hell or high water.

Before you curse and cringe, first things first: I don’t subscribe to this infamous saying 114 found in the non-canonical coptic gospel of thomas. It might not be surprising that this misogynist and androcentric notion was not exclusive to this most famous tractate of the nag hammadi library. It was in fact shared by ancient philosophers, scholars of religion, natural scientists and even medical doctors.

For them living creatures is on a kind of continuum and would have it that woman is in fact an imperfect man! Hence, even now, there are those who deemed they are the weaker sex. But then again, with the progress made but women (they now dominate the blogosphere, in case you failed to discern) in most facets of life, there remain maybe only a trickle.

And lest you forget Mary Magdalene (not really the prostitute as some traditions suggest) played a pivotal role in western civilization by arguably being the “first christian” (she’s the first to know and proclaimed the resurrection and not those macho disciples who scurried after smelling trouble) .

If they are part the “imperfect world” then I don’t want it to be perfect. It’s outrightly inconceivable living a life without them.

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