June 2007

Chocolates, specially the dark ones, contain highly stimulative substances that give you a kick and some say are good aphrodisiac. This research way back in April, however, scientifically concurred that chocolates beats even the most passionate kissing hands-down when it comes to providing intense and long-lasting body and brain buzz.

I wonder if they would actually test out how comparable to actual consummation? Nonetheless, it would be interesting if some doctor love would suggest eating chocolate to be a part of the foreplay or right before the big O to increase the intensity. Some esoteric and arcane thinking believes that orgasm is where and when you get a glimpse of of the seventh heaven. Amorous imagoes, like me, somehow subscribe to this notion.



Some 900 heads in our company rolled in the name of restructuring, streamlining and focusing on corporate core competence. We’re still not out of the woods yet and still clueless whether we will be spared from the “guillotine”.

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

The House of Representatives, whose contingent in the CA (Commission on Appointment) is being accussed of shaking down appointees for obscene amount of money. So, what’s new? It just give credence to the fact the house is a lucrative place to be.

Naturally the scalawags are fuming with their denials and threatening to investigate the accusation (or more of the accuser). I wonder if they would really do that: washing their filthy underwears in public. Most of them are hunkering down anyway and hoping that the storm will pass quickly and quietly.

Something good has come out of this. How can we expect the country to be run at the optimum like a well-oiled equipment when we are greasing the hands of those who approve the appointments of people who will be at the helm? How can we expect to close the gap between lupang hinirang and at it’s neighbouring countries? Meritocracy at its worst!

No doubt that the accusation will not hold water in the court of law. But obviously the process of appointments is riddled with leaks that needs plugging. The least that they can do is peel the appointment process like an onion and see what can be done be to strenghten and improve it. I’m crossing my fingers that they have the balls, wisdom and conscience to do just that.

While most countries, including my very own lupang hinirang, are struggling to dilute its dependence on oil, India is set to start producing the world’s first commercial air-powered vehicle.

Some 6,000 zero emission air cars are schedule to hit the street in August 2008.

*photo ripped from popularmechanics.com

I was really hesitant at first to buy Akon‘s album — despite the fact that the price seems reasonably low, that my kids were egging me for it and I have heard some of the songs already and quite like it, and somehow I myself was tempted to buy it and rip the content to my mp3 player.

It was the “SINGAPORE SPECIAL EDITION” label that put a chill on my impulse. Reputedly a nanny state, it is expected to trim most of the expletives which would surely affect the music’s artistic beauty. The store staff told me that this is not the case this time around. My fear was not really that unfounded and he himself was totally disgusted with what they did with Eminem’s album before. To prove his case that this place has come of age, he insisted that I take my time listen to the (whole) album first. I know that wouldn’t be necessary. I just picked the song Smack That which featured Eminem and that solidified my resolve to part with my money.

As a parent, of course I wish I could keep this world sterile and do away with all “parental advisory” stuffs. But I know it is next to impossible and would even be detrimental with my kids development and maturity. The best that I can do is walk through life with them, which in this case, immersed to their music, and hopefully help them distinguished what’s good and evil and apply them to real world.

The Vatican has temporarily veered away from theology and resort to “creative pedagogy” by issuing ten commandments in driving. It’s practically about road courtesy, preventing road rage and accidents.

If you ask me, there is nothing sacrilegious about this. In fact, the “divine” should somehow, at least in my opinion, relate or translate to practical living. I go with the suggestion to meditate/pray before and after driving. That would keep you calm and be more compassionate with other road users. But while driving? I don’t so. It would be a tricky stunt. Driving and praying are from two different realms .

Why I’m not really that surprised that Arthur has his own blog already? I half expected it to be riddled with MTV’s and songs from his fav band that’s why it’s no surprise seeing the contents. Except for heavy use of singlish, which I already castigated him, I’m really impressed.

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