Parents beware. It seems that young children, rubber clogs and escalator is not a good combination.

Yesterday, here in Singapore, a one-year old boy’s foot was stuck in an escalator. Writhing and wailing, he caught the attention of a passer-by who hit the e-stop in the nick of time. The boy was rushed to the hospital, was treated for minor injuries and discharged on the same day.

Some were not as lucky.

Like this 8-year old boy who needed ten stitches to close the gash so bad that the bones were showing. Or this 2-year old girl whose big toe was ripped off by a similar accident last year.


birthday card from alex…you’ll end up always buying one, specially if you have kids like mine.

This birthday card that Alex and Abby collaborated on, however, more than compensate for that–plus those times that they drove me real nuts.

Whitney Houston got that right with her rendition of the Greatest Love of All: about loving oneself, blah, blah, blah. Most are aware of course that she didn’t really walk the talk, or more aptly, walk the song.

But before I really digress, let me say there’s a good wisdom to that. I’m not talking about loving oneself in a puritanical narcistic way, but simply making yourself a better person for the sake of your loveones. That would include forgiving your own blunders and learning from it.

For me it’s the best birthday gift that one can give to himself or herself. Of course sashimis washed down with a good sake would a be welcome treat.

We have yet to decide which Japanese resto.

singapore marketLet me share with you a glimpse of how a typical Singapore market would look like on a bustling Sunday. This image was taken using my phone camera from the the second storey of the market while my wife haggles with the pork seller.

You might consider it an irony that Singapore is importing most of its pork products from the biggest Islamic country, which is Indonesia. Oh well, this “little red dot one degree north of equator” is getting most of its veggies, seafoods, and meat products from other countries for that matter.

Before, we had a carinderia that my mother tended to help support the family. We had it then as far back as I can remember. My filial love for her obliged me to accompany her to the market even at young age so I’m basically at ease with the sights, sounds and smells of a marché .

By way, pasar (market for malay)  practically operates half a day and close on Mondays. And pssst, my wife is preparing to host a dinner to close family and friends tonight to celebrate her lifetime lover’s birthday.

merrell shoesI was about to indulge on one of my guilty pleasures in life when my wife called and budged me to see the warehouse sale of a sports shop near her workplace. She knows how I look forward to my siesta fix during the weekends so it must really be something.

Apparently, she sneaked out while balancing some numbers and got herself few pairs of those Ipanema flip flops for a song. Okay, for S$3! Knowing her, i thought she would probably go for the “kill” after work.

And since my natal day is fast approaching, she impressed that I should really come down to help her carry her loot and pamper myself . MOS burgerI ended up buying the merrell shoes that she knows I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime for half the price, and some sports apparel.

Not bad indeed, considering that we ended up filling our tummy with the mouth-watering teriyaki beef burger at  MOS burger.

There has been an alarming increase in robbery perpetrated by motorcycle-riding thieves in Manila that the newly elected “Dirty Harry” is seriously contemplating banning tandem riders to arrest the trend.


…1 in 5 primary school kids get bullied here in Singapore.

I’m quite persuaded that you will arrive roughly at that figure in any part of the world. Of course those cases where the receiving party gets really tormented, preventing them from leading a normal life and tarnished for life by the experience is very much lower — like the case of Ben Cox who was compensated by the Australian court for being bullied 12 years ago. But still, we have to agree that is still a source of concern.

In retrospect, I don’t remember being bullied. Sprouting from a ghetto-like place in Manila, I wasn’t easily get intimidated by slur or threat of violence then. Boys were expected to slug it out for any imaginable misunderstanding. It’s pretty normal as long no one gets really badly hurt and most of time one gets a congratulatory back-slap. Sometimes from their very own patriarch. It’s no big deal going home with a “blackeye” or bruises here and there.

Times has changed.

Like most of the evils of these real world, bullying is here to stay and there’s no way we can keep the world sterile for our kids. You may not agree with me but I think a healthy dose is necessary, and even unavoidable at that. It’s like how immunization works. You introduce a manageable amount of disease to help the person to better overcome it later on in life.

The important thing is to be vigilant and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. Resources on how to deal with bullies are abound in the web. As parent, one is duty-bound to know how to deal with this menace.

This would probably been the closest I’d look like If I’d been lucky enough to be included in Simpsons Movie.

I’m sexually active, quite conscious to what I chow, not a stick for 11 years, and drink moderately. Which makes  me more of a mesomorph dork.

Got this idea when I dropped by kwentong tambay.