mydesk Finally the wait is over! Our new company decided to fully outsource its manufacturing. Most of us will be staying put for probably another 8 months, or so, until the outsourcing company has been qualified to take in our products and to make sure the transition is as seamless and transparent as can possibly be, at least for the customer.

It isn’t really that bad anyway. I’m expecting a severance pay of about 10 months (rule of the thumb is about 6-month salary as a good buffer in times like this) which will tide us through while I’m job hunting later on. Singapore economy is in full swing so I expect to find a job within 2 months, worst case — hopefully. That means I have about 8 months salary to squander surrender to my wife for the family kitty.

I have served the company for a good 11 years and I can’t help but feel bummed out somehow. Life goes on anyway. That’s the reality of work. It’s bye, bye once you or your team outlived your purpose. I’ve long known that you should try to be the best that you can be in your job, but never at the expense of your loveones. Because no matter what, your family will always be there. Come hell or high water.