Hail to the king!

Monday was my eldest son’s 10th birthday. I took a half day off to prepare a little something for the family to share and (hopefully) made him feel pretty special. Arthur somehow outgrown certain type of toys so I just got him the “Counter Strike: Condition Zero” computer game (not the pirated one, btw) that he drooled for and keeps him occupied this past few days.

I took every opportunity on that day to tell him how much we really love him, hugs and kisses were aplenty. For the upteenth time, I explained to him the burden of being the eldest and hopefully, he takes it more of a blessing rather than a curse. He is well aware that the cudgel is his.

Working girls ulit…

Monday was also my wife’s first day on her new found job after a hiatus of about two months. If you frequent my blog, you should have known that she was retrenched ‘coz of petty office politics last year. Indeed, windows are opened once a door closes. It was the catalyst to this blessing. She was able to get the same salary package, a 5 day week in a family run accounting firm relatively devoid of corporate politics and assholes. She also considers it a “fringe benefit” that her office is just a 10 minute walk from mine which allow us to have lunch together. On our “first lunch”, we pigged out on my favorite fish head curry that is really to die for. She’s hooked.

We had some misunderstandings mid of the week but since there’s no condition, circumstance or problem that love cannot solve, ruffled feathers were stroked and soothed easily. Actually, it was more than ruffled feathers that were stroked and soothed..;)

Our hearts and prayers are with you…

On a poignant note, the father of my kumpareng Jong left us to be with our creator. I hope you find solace and peace on this very difficult time. I’m not sure if it fits, but since it was your birthday yesterday, happy birthday na rin parekoy.