November 2004

Most analysts said that he wouldn’t have won if the rest of the world voted–but 51% of Americans thought otherwise. Oh well, after everything had been said and done, he will be again at the helm of this world’s most powerful country.

Like most civilized people, I cannot comprehend the rationale of attacking a sovereign country based on false and fabricated pretenses—against the collective wisdom of the rest of the world. Hopefully he now realized this and be less hawkish. The place is now a quagmire—today’s Vietnam they say.

There’s no easy way out for him. I’m sure that in his privacy he is biting his fingernails and hope that he had listened. But that’s too late now. Pity on him!

Oil has breached the supply and demand balance. The finite supply is estimated to dry up in few more decades and this Texan, despite the high price, is busy filling up the 700 million barrel of reserve to fuel the engine of the biggest consumer.

Theoretically, someone powerful, wise, moral and righteous is necessary to control the world. But if this someone is only powerful and none of the rest, and only interested in his nation’s interest, we begin to worry.

Who will police the police?


My eyes were almost wet while watching you on the stage this evening. Of course they were tears of joy. This is your first graduation, and next year, you will be in primary one.

You sure have grown kid.

From the time you first saw the light of this world, I was practically there every step of it. I hope you won’t be annoyed by it, though I expect you will be as you get older and wiser. But by that time, I will be more than willing to let you tackle this world head on, and by your own. Just be patient, there’s a time for everything.

To tell you frankly, one of the things that I always pray for is for the good Lord to give me a life long enough to see all the milestones you and your siblings would have. And maybe if it’s not too much to ask for, I might as well hope and pray to see your own kids as well.

Education is the best gift that I could give you all. You may not know it, but no matter what, you are assured of a good education. Just a few more years and we’re done paying the premiums of your edu plan. Lucky you! Me and your Mama, coming from a very humble beginning, did it the hard way.

Keep it up son!

Dito lang si Papa…laging nakatingin…laging handang tumulong…laging handang ituwid and iyong landas…at laging nagmamahal…

Ilang tulog na lang nasa Pinas na kami.

Makikita ko naman yung mga buwaya sa custom na kung makatingin eh para bang may kautangan ka sa kanila. Ewan ko ba, minsan nakaka-guilty rin na ikumpara mo ang Pinas dito sa little red dot.

Just can’t help it!

Minsan nga sumasagi sa isipan ko yung sinasabi nilang wala raw kaming karapatan magsalita sa kadahilanang kami raw yung mga duwag na tumakbo. Sabi naman ng iba, kami raw yung mga bagong bayani.


Mixed emotions ako tuwing uuwi ng Pinas. Siguradong matri-trigger na naman yung allergic rhinitis ko kaya siguradong may baon na naman akong anti-histamine.

Kung talagang titingnan mo, di naman talaga practical umuwi ng Pinas. Bukod sa magastos, eh talagang hassle. Yung usok at alikabok na para kang sinasakal. Dahil sa wala akong lisensya at wala rin akong tsikot, ang hirap gumalaw kapag may gusto kang puntahan. Di ka naman makapag-taxi dahil paranoid ka na baka ka maholdap. Although hindi ko nilalahat, pero nakakaasar ring kausap ang mga taxi driver sa atin.

“Boss, sira ang metro ko…Traffic papunta ron ‘pre…Malayo!, etc, etc…”

Pero kwidaw ka, despite of all its flaws and hang ups, I’m always looking forward to going back. Home is where the heart is. At gaya ng isang baliw na umiibig, patuloy kong babalik-balikan ang kaisa-isang kong pinakamamahal na Pinas.

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