It was an off-in-lieu yesterday as Ramadan fell on a sunday.

Four days to go before our flight and my first working day of the week can’t seem to go any crazier. Chaos was the order of the day and it didn’t help that I was rushing up everything to make my absence of one-day- short-of-a-month less painful for my colleagues. Murphy’s law ruled the day.

Extraordinary rotten day calls for extraordinary relief.

Since my wife and I did the grocery, I picked up a couple of beers and a packet of roasted cashew nuts off the shelf. And while waiting for my wife to finish cooking sinagang na talakitok for dinner, I leisurely imbibed.

See the mug? It’s actually made of plastic with water on its hollow wall. Just keep it in the freezer and you will be always assured of undiluted cold beer.

Tama na yan inuman na!

Hoy, parekoy! tumagay ka

Nanabik na lalamunan

Naghihintay, nag-aabang