How could Americans stomach Fallujah attack?!

Since the end of the ‘cold war’, the west gets bolder and bolder shoving to everybody’s throat democracy as they see fit. Democracy my ass! That’s total irony.

It’s only when that we respect and tolerate each other’s differences peace will happen.

Again, who will police the police?! Even the flaccid UN is now pathetically impotent, unable to restrain the all powerful bully.

I hope and pray that it won’t reach a point that these people different from us will join together in arms. Individually as suicide bombers they put shivers down our spine, it’s scary thinking that they will, and they can btw, do it in a collective and more organized manner.

No matter how they call their God, or how we call ours, there is no denying that there is only one Supreme being which makes brothers of us all. As to why He seems to be just watching by the sideline and just letting this happen–as with all the ills and evils of this world–only He knows.

Today is Deepavali day. An Indian festivity celebrating triumph of good over evil. Peace be with us all!